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Four-legged friends are an important part of our life and our family. Travelling together can be a choice or a necessity; the fact remains that going camping with your dog is possible and fun, but you need the right precautions. Are you thinking about taking the next holiday with your dog? If your destination is camping, here is a guide for preparing your holiday: what to bring, the checks before leaving, the rules of behavior and advice in case of accidents.

The right equipment

If you travel in a camper van, caravan, or have chosen to sleep in a bungalow, everything will be more straightforward, but for those who want to sleep in a tent, more precautions are needed. You need to bring all the standard equipment for yourself, and some more for your pet. Don’t forget that you are packing for two! Make sure that the two of you have got everything, and if you aren’t sure, there are more resources here that can help.

The tent itself, for example, must be large enough to accommodate everyone. The ideal is to opt for a small house tent so that the living area can help the dog during the night and have a small veranda to shelter the dog from the sun and dangerous weather.

We take our dogs camping with us in our Roof Top Tent. The set up works great for us since our dogs are small!

What to pack?

When camping with your dog, here are some items you should bring to help you and your dog have a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Objects familiar to the dog to avoid homesickness: puppets, games, favorite balls
  2. Everything you need in case of small, unexpected events (e.g., allergic reactions and insect bites)
  3. Flea repellents
  4. Anti-mosquito products with lemongrass to put around the tent
  5. If the camp is in the mountains, extra cover because of the low temperatures during nights
  6. Bowls for fresh water while on the trail and food
  7. Leash for walks and muzzle if requested in public areas
  8. A cot or a bed for the dog so it can rest or sleep in or near the tent
  9. Everything necessary for hygiene
  10. Dog snacks that are suitable for your dog’s lifestyle and are well preserved

Useful Information

It seems obvious, but it is not. If you have booked or chosen a campsite, read the rules carefully and make sure that dogs are welcome in the camping area. Also, check under what conditions the place you have chosen can accommodate your dog. In some, for example, dogs are allowed only if they sleep in the tent with their owners and cannot access the bungalows or other areas of the campsite. Make sure you planned your meals and brought everything that you might need, but the campground doesn’t offer.

Before Leaving

Before you go, it is advisable to notify the veterinarian and bring the health card with all vaccinations with you. Make sure your dog has the microchip; in case it gets lost, it will be easier to find it! It is also a good idea to write down the vet number in the area where you are going.

Your dog’s skin is as sensitive to the harmful UVA and UVB rays as yours, especially their ears and nose. Short-haired dogs’ skin can burn in the sun, as can skin of dogs that have light noses and ears. Ask your vet about cream with a protective factor that will keep your dog safe on the beach and mountain.

How to behave on a trip

You should always keep your dog under control. There are other people and animals at the campsite, and not everyone will be friendly as you and your pet are. Make sure your dog doesn’t wander off too far away without you. Make sure it respects other tents, people and children. The two of you should make friends with the people and animals around you so that all of you can be comfortable with each other. Also, make sure that your dog doesn’t approach dangerous places such as barbecues or fires.

What to do in case of accidents?

In the event of a viper bite, don’t press or cut to remove the poison, but contact the veterinarian immediately. In case your dog contacts the processionary, which is usually located near pines and oaks, wash the area immediately and contact the veterinarian.

We hope you have a wonderful time taking your k-9 friend with you on your camping trip. We love reader comments, let us know some of your camping with your dog tips and advice you have.

Gear for Camping with your Dogs

Here is some gear that we typically bring along with us while Camping with our dogs. This list is an affiliate list, we may earn commissions on any sales. We only recommend what we use!

What advice do you have for camping with your Dog? Leave us a comment or feedback below!

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