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This website isn’t your typical website focusing on one niche or another. I stand firmly in the camp of understanding that humans are complex creatures with complex lives and multitudes of hobbies and experiences. I’m not just a hiker, a biker or someone who loves astrophotography – I’m all of it so why not reflect that in great content for others to enjoy?

We have been active online for several years and invite you to join our adventures, whether it’s trekking through the woods, navigating off-road trails, or delving into the wonders of the cosmos. Lots to share and I hope you enjoy it!

Join us in our explorations!

Our Backstory

There are experiences in life that imprint themselves on your memory indelibly. They might be peculiar, extraordinary, or so impactful that whenever you encounter a trigger – say, a Rockchuck – you’re instantly transported back to that defining moment.

My Childhood

I grew up amidst the pine forests and urban sprawl of a small town north of Houston called Spring, Texas. There, I built forts, ventured into the unknown, climbed, chopped, dug, floated, canoed, and swam. Texas, vast and familiar, was my playground, offering comfort and endless adventures. Yet, what I cherished most were our annual two-week trips to the north, where mountains breathed fresh air into my life, and for a brief period, allergies couldn’t reach me. Those two weeks were a stark, refreshing contrast to everything I knew.

The 4×4.

One year, our adventures went beyond visiting national parks, driving to the mountains, or camping at our favorite spots – we rented a 4×4. Until that day, I had never stood on a mountain summit that wasn’t lined with a busy highway or a well-groomed park. I had never been above the treeline, nor had I ever ascended a mountain so high that the clouds seemed within reach. It was breathtaking! I experienced a sky so intensely blue that it redefined the color for me. I fell in love with the wildlife, the rocks, the flora, and the echoes of a bygone era. I wondered why it had taken me so long to discover this place.

Reaching the summit opened up a new realm for me – a realm filled with history, wonder, and awe. I pondered how people could have lived in such heights, how pioneers traversed these passes heading west, how railways conquered these formidable mountains, and what life was like here.

Upon reaching the peak of our first pass, my father pulled over, partly due to my mother’s less enthusiastic view of mountain trails compared to mine, but mainly to give me a chance to explore, which I had eagerly insisted upon. We stopped, and I bolted from the car, racing towards a patch of snow to craft my very first snowball, as far as memory served. Just as I was about to grasp the snow, I looked up –

There it was!

And there it was, a large, buck-toothed rock chuck, just as my dad described it. I didn’t have a camera—digital photos weren’t a thing back then—but it looked exactly like this one. Thank you for the wonderful photo. by Gary Chang CC )

Plump rock chuck


I may not dream about rock chucks or collect coffee mugs, shirts, and stickers featuring them (yet?), but whenever I see or hear about them, I’m reminded of a unique experience that few seem to undertake, whether on foot or by 4×4. I’ve had the privilege of reaching a mountain’s summit, following trails blazed by humans and animals alike, and witnessing beauty and wonder like never before.

This blog is a tribute to the rock chuck and all the memories it conjures. It’s about moments I want to hold onto and moments I wish to share.

Amidst the whirlwind of my professional life, the most delightful occurrence is a sudden recollection of these furry creatures, allowing me to daydream about past journeys and ponder the next adventure. Here’s to the rock chuck memories that we cherish!

Explore the cosmos with us

My fascination extends beyond exploring the grandeur of nature and the history that surrounds us to the celestial views above. We operate a remote observatory and share our data, guides, images and discoveries with our members. Our members’ support is vital; it sustains this blog and keeps it free from advertisements. Providing excellent content and stories, along with a useful service, is preferable to intrusive advertising.

Regardless of your skill level or the equipment you possess, astrophotography can be accessible and enjoyable for you, and we are eager to assist you on this journey. Your support enables us to offer outstanding content and valuable observational data for everyone to appreciate.

What is a Rock chuck?

The yellow-bellied marmot (Marmota flaviventris), also known as the rock chuck, is a ground squirrel in the marmot genus.



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