The Elephant Trunk Nebula

The Elephant Trunk Nebula located in the Constellation Cepheus is about 2,400 light years from earth. This region is a massive concentration of interstellar gas ionized by the young stars. The common name comes from the elephant trunk looking structure of dense gas. Elephant Trunk Nebula Contains: B161, IC 1396, IC1396, Sh2-131, VdB142 Optimized for: Red = Ha, Blue …

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Ultimate Travel Guide to Zhangjiajie

Tianzi Mountain Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, China jumped into world travelers’ eyes thanks to the movie Avatar. The floating mountains, sea clouds, mists and karst pinnacles became appealing to adventurers. Plus, the Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain and Glass Bridge, Zhangjiajie has now been a bucket list destination for hiking and adventure fans. With limited transportation to outside …

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