North America Nebula NGC 7000

2,200 light-years away, the North America Nebula is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus. Rich in Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen 3 gases, we’re able…


Solo Hiking Tips: How to Stay Safe

Solo Hiking

Sometimes a hike can be ruined, or put a hiker at risk, for trivial reasons that can be avoided with small tricks. Even a tame mountain can be unpredictable (sudden…

Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Dog by Firepit

Four-legged friends are an important part of our life and our family. Traveling together can be a choice or a necessity; the fact remains that going camping with your dog…



Jeep Wrangler Towing Trailer

Jeep Wrangler Towing Capacity Guide – 2007-2018 JKU

How much can you tow or haul with your Jeep? What is the manufacture recommendations?  As we built this list out we realized there is an amazing amount of JKU model options for each year but we wanted to keep it all on one page easy to find rather than split it up to make…

Jeep Mirror Laws by State

Jeep Mirror Laws – Don’t get busted with your doors off!

Sometimes you have to learn lessons the hard way – you go on a road trip across a few states and before you know it you’re being pulled over and ticketed for driving without mirrors.  You think to yourself for a minute “but the doors come off as a feature from the factory” – But…

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