Staun Tyre Deflators Review, they will let you down

Effortlessly prepare your vehicle for off-road adventures. With Staun Tire Deflators – the quickest and most convenient way to adjust tire pressure for optimal performance on any terrain – you’ll never have to waste time manually deflating tires one by one again. Don’t wait – get your Staun Tire Deflators today and start conquering terrains with ease!

Straight from the factory, these deflators are calibrated for 18psi, but adjusting is easy. I tend to run my tires right around 22-23 psi myself – a little more air than what the factory sets these too, but making the adjustment is simple.

Staun Tire deflators for Jeep Wrangler

If you’re driving a stock Jeep Wrangler and looking for your first Jeep Upgrade, this is one of the best to start with.

How to set up Staun Tire Deflators

If you want to air down to 18psi, just unscrew your stem caps, screw on the Staun Tire Deflators and repat x 3 for your other tires.

If you want to re-calibrate your Staun Tire Deflators to another PSI, then check out this excellent YouTube video they have on setting them up.

Tire Deflation for Off Roading

There is no formula here that I’m aware of, it’s just people’s personal preferences. You don’t need to air down at all for off roading, but I find the experience to be worth the time/effort.

Since I tend to do more overlanding vs rock crawling, I air down all MT tires to about 20-25 PSI mostly to smooth out a rough road (washer-board dirt roads). If you get much lower than 20-25 PSI, be sure to verify that your tire/wheel/rim rating can support vehicle weight and not lose bead and separate sidewall from rim.

Be sure to always re-inflate when driving on roads or above crawling speeds. If there isn’t a trail or road service for inflating your tires, be sure to bring along a trusty inflator and check that it works before you hit the trail. If you don’t use an air compressor for a long time, i’ve had them fail from dry-rot, oil leaks or just seizing up so but sure to check your gear before you air down.

This is the compressor I keep in my Jeep:

Smittybilt 5.65 CFM Air Compressor – 2781
  • Auto-thermal cutoff switch – protects motor against damage
  • Maximum continuous cycle time (duty cycle) – 40 minutes at 40 psi at 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum airflow – 72 liters per minute. Quick release 24 foot coil hose
  • Integrated easy to read 150 PSI pressure gauge
  • Storage bag included

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Staun Tire Deflator Review

Price – not cheap. $99 dollars on average +/- $10 dollars or so but you get what you pay for. I purchased a cheap $25.00 no name set, and I couldn’t get them to deflate to a standard PSI to save my life and they were slow. They released air until they eventually stopped releasing air whereas the Staun deflators release air at high pressure until they hit the set PSI and stop – taking must minutes.

With everything being hours away or daylight being worth its weight in gold, I love hitting the trail in ~5-minute air down time. I just screw these on the wheels, do a vehicle walk around inspection – check my fluids, unscrew – recap wheels and off I go.

Please don’t drive with deflators still attached on your wheel, it’s a quick way to lose them or damage your rims.

There are times I air down six tires when I’m overlanding with my Jeep Wrangler towing my trailer and knowing that all six tires will be done perfectly and safely and more importantly, efficiently is awesome. I wish I just invested in a quality tool to begin with vs randomly buying cheaper options that failed, broke or didn’t even work.

As always, be sure to drive at safe speeds when airing down. If its washer board road, I just drop a few PSI vs hard-core trail riding where I’ll drop down below 20.


These tire deflators were purchased by us and not gifted or given for any review. This review is entirely my opinion – Can’t claim it’s unbiased because I went the cheap route before and ended up spending more time and money doing that than had I purchased these first. My loss, your gain 🙂 Enjoy your smoother adventures with your aired down tires

Where to buy

Available at many off road shops and retailers as well as By following the link below we will earn a small commission for referring you to amazon.

Staun Tyre Deflators | The Australian Original Tire Deflator | Automatically airdown tires to 6-30 PSI
  • FAST: Accurately air down all four tires from street pressures to trail pressures effortlessly in just a few short minutes.
  • AUTOMATIC: Apply one deflator onto each tire stem and Staun automatically stops gushing air at the set PSI. No tricky removal of valve cores. No need…
  • ADJUSTABLE: Airdown from street pressures to between 6 and 30 PSI (the most commonly used range) – factory set at 18 PSI. Adjust as often as you like.
  • CONVENIENT: Save your back and knees. Yes, now you can stand up while Staun airs you down.
  • COMPACT: The set of 4 deflators fit easily the palm of your hand with the included genuine Australian leather pouch.

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Took these up to Colorado and they performed remarkably well. Deflated at high-altitude and everything worked. I tell you what, driving the Alpine loop at 19psi is much smoother than running at 35psi. Do yourself (and your passengers) a favor and invest in good deflators (and an air compressor to air back up) if you drive a lot of old washer board or bumpy off-road roads. Be let down, but in a good way!

The only issue I’ve had is my kids like to find the package and unscrew them, so I’ve had to learn how to “re-tune” the pressure but oh well. Kids will be kids.

Enjoy your smooth off-roading and extra grippy tires thanks to the quick and easy Staun deflators! We hope you enjoyed this brief Staun Tire deflator review and as always, enjoy off-roading responsibly and Stay on the trail! Leave a comment below if you have any experiences to share or feedback we should add to this blog!

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