M31 – Andromeda Galaxy

Living under the dome of light pollution, we often forget some of the majestic neighbors that grace our skies. M31 is one such wonder, that most living in light polluted will never see and always take for granted. Under dark skies, the naked eye can make out the smudge, binoculars can see the airy disc …

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The Elephant Trunk Nebula

The Elephant Trunk Nebula located in the Constellation Cepheus is about 2,400 light years from earth. This region is a massive concentration of interstellar gas ionized by the young stars. The common name comes from the elephant trunk looking structure of dense gas. Elephant Trunk Nebula Contains: B161, IC 1396, IC1396, Sh2-131, VdB142 Optimized for: Red = Ha, Blue …

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