Meow Wolf Santa Fe – House of Eternal Return

| Last Updated: May 30, 2020

Magical. No other word can start to describe the experience that is Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return, other than Magical. Escape the doldrums of the everyday ordinary and step into the realm of the extraordinary where all of your senses get bathed in light, color, sights, and sounds in an artful experience you will never forget.

Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return

The second you pull up to the building, you know something is up. From the giant statues that surround the parking lot to the line that is out the front door an hour before the art installation opens – it’s alive and you can feel it.

Meow Wolf

Get there early, get a parking spot, leave your bags in the car.  You’re going to want as much time as you can to wander around, get lost and immerse yourself in the experience that is Meow wolf. (not to mention backpacks and huge sacks aren’t allowed).

Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf Photo via Alex Victoria

Once the doors finally open, you immediately enter the ticketing area. (and by once the doors finally open, I mean that’s a HUGE hint to GET THERE EARLY!) They had plenty of staff on hand to move people quickly. Pay the admittance fee, Slap the wristband on, turn your phone off and get ready!

Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf Photo via Alex Victoria

Walk into that benign entryway and right in front of you-you’re immediately immersed into what appears to be a house.  Your journey begins.

Describing the Meow Wolf is futile. Experiencing it is a must.

Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf Photo via Alex Victoria

From rooms that had a cartoon Alice in Wonderland feel.

Meow Wolf

To rooms that immerse you in music and interactive media that you can just relax and zone out while you soak it all in. You can play with light; you can shape the music, you can stir the sounds. Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return is as much an artful experience you can admire to a multimedia experience you create. Go head – touch, climb, poke, open that door, follow that hallway, walk into that fridge.

Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf Photo via Alex Victoria

While you sit on the couch to take a break and enjoy the beats, you look up and notice something new. That light isn’t just a light, but a fishbowl with bubbling water.

Meow Wolf is the culmination of many artists in a cooperative in the Santa Fe area. You wander around the installation getting lost (and found) through its many experiences – from music to tree houses and everything in between. You get to interact with the exhibits, and you get to smile with those around you. You get to be a kid, and you get to see your kids being kids.  You relish in the sights, sounds, textures. Some are overwhelming, some strike an emotional tone, and others just remind you of days past.  But you’re in the place. You’re “in the moment,” and before long you realize that four hours have passed, and you don’t know if you have seen it all.

Trippy Art

If you’re into weird art and trippy art, you will feel right at home in the House of Eternal Return. I don’t normally like to call an art installation “Weird” and “trippy” but I’d be lying if those adjectives don’t describe this place. You don’t have to be on anything to experience confusion, inspiration, bewilderment, and youthful curiosity. The House of Eternal Return just speaks to you in strange ways – visually and audibly.

Meow Wolf is simply magical. It filled something in my life that I didn’t know I needed.  We ended our trip in meow wolf with a stop at the gift shop and purchased a few items and their fun ambient CDs.  I can listen to music and put myself back into the experience and mentally escape back into this amazing experience.

Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf Photo via Alex Victoria

Take the entire family. Take your friends. Heck, call up your neighbors and tell them to go! It is a fun experience, and I hope art installations and cooperatives like this pop up around the world.  If you’re in Santa Fe or even Albuquerque, don’t miss this incredible place!

Meow Wolf TV Wall
Meow Wolf Photo via Alex Victoria


Meow Wolf Santa Fe Address: 1352 Rufina Cir, Santa Fe, NM 87507

While you’re in New Mexico, you should check out White Sands National Monument!


You can order meow wolf tickets online for $25.00 a person

Meow Wolf Santa Fe  Order Tickets Online

Meow Wolf Review Wrap-up

My enthusiasm for Meow Wolf grows every day – With every announcement of a new display opening up, I keep hoping there will be one close to my hometown. I love the entire concept of art, music, media, shows. I love how the company participates in events across the world – doing road displays at SXSW and other major events. The experience has something for everyone – Young children get to experience a place straight out of their imagination, teenagers get to experience music, and multimedia experience and adults get to be a kid lost in a magical wonderland and share something with their children and teens they can all remember and come back to.


Read more about Meow Wolf on their Website –


Question: Is Meow Wolf Family Friendly?

Answer: Absolutely – The experience is fantastic for people of all ages.

Question: Where is Meow Wolf?

Answer: Meow Wolf is in Santa Fe New Mexico. There is a second Meow Wolf coming to Denver Colorado, and one has been announced for Washington DC.

Denver Meowwolf

Question: What time does Meow Wolf open?

Meow Wolf is open six days a week from 10 am. to 8 PM. Meow Wolf Santa Fe is closed on Tuesdays.

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Meow Wolf - House of Eternal Return

Go forth and experience this masterpiece of art, media, and creativity! Share your comments and reviews below! I know I can’t wait to get back for another visit!

If you’re like me and you feel in love with the place, the music, the arts, the experience, you can enjoy some of this at your home by listening to these audio CDs.  Your purchase from Amazon allows us to continue to share our experiences and we thank you for supporting us.

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