Read This When You Consider Giving Up Because Of Fear

Overcoming fear
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you decide to go through hardship and chose not to surrender, that is strength.”

Durango Silverton Train – D&SNGRR Steam Train Adventure

Durango and Silverton Steam Train
Nothing is better than experiencing the majesty of the San Juan mountains as experienced through the open air gondola on the Durango and Silverton Railroad

Must have books for your next Colorado Trails 4-wheel drive

Colorado trails southwest region
When it comes to trail riding in Colorado no other collection of books comes close to providing the authority, knowledge, history, and understanding that the Colorado trails series and the Colorado Backroads books offer.  Whether you're experienced Jeep owner looking to explore Colorado or...

Great Sand Dunes National Park – Mountains AND Dunes, Best of both worlds!

Great Sand Dunes National Park
There seems to be some gravitational force between mountains and dunes that naturally draw me out. I'm mesmerized by the mere presence of being there, and Great Sand Dunes National Park offers the best of both worlds - Dunes as tall as mountains surrounded...

Quandary Peak Trail – 14,250′ Trail Guide & Photos

Quandary Peak hike
Ever since my first trip to the mountains as a kid I've dreamed of hiking to the top and experiencing the mountains by foot. It wasn't until July of this year that the opportunity came about when we decided to make a one week...