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Exploring Idaho – Three must see Sightseeing places in Boise

Exploring Idaho
Recently went on a road trip up to Boise Idaho. There were beautiful places to stop and sightsee while we were there. I have listed 3 of those places and hope that if you are ever up that way stopping by to check them out.

8 Kid friendly and Easy hikes in Mammoth Lakes

Eastern Sierras Hiking With Kids
The Eastern Sierras is just a three-hour drive from the urban metropolis that is southern California's concrete jungle; Los Angeles. From the numerous backcountry lakes above Rock Creek to the trails hugging the outskirts of Yosemite National Park, the rugged mountains of the Eastern Sierras are a great hiking and camping area to introduce kids to the wilderness. Hikes in the Ansel Adam's Wilderness and beyond do not have to be hard for little feet with these simple hints on how to introduce your children to hiking in the great outdoors.

Landing on some fun, frolic, history and adventure

The San Francisco Bay area is all about the city and the ocean. From picturesque landscape to chilling winds, from the iconic golden gate bridge to the Fisherman’s Wharf. From beaches offering unique views of the bridge to inclined streets all around; this city...

The many joys of hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to meet the target of a ‘healthy body’. By combining the happiness of natural beauty with physical fitness, hiking can turn into a fun and adventurous activity. Enough stock of water and enthusiasm to keep going is...

The best darn trail guide to Turnbull Canyon

Turnbull Canyon
Turnbull Canyon is part of the Puente Hills Preserve in Uptown Whittier that links to other trails and canyons, most notably, Sycamore Canyon and Hellman Park. We'll explore all the trails connected (and disconnected) zig-zagging across Turnbull Canyon. Turnbull Canyon The hike is divided into 5 trails: ...

A day in Solvang California – The Denmark of the United States

Solvang California Travel Guide
If I told you, we took a trip to Denmark, without any visa, passport or a flight, I am sure you will be ready to close this article and move to the next one. Discarding it as an impossible thing to do, it may...

What to do in the Mammoth Lakes Area for the Non-Skier

Mammoth Lakes Winter
Many people think of the snow-covered minarets of Mammoth as a skiing destination but there is so much more to do in this charming mountain town then skiing! Try snowshoeing, snowmobiling or even dog sledding this winter!

Fairytale Escape to the Minnesota Ice Castles

Minnesota Ice Castles
On a dark and cold winter night, the Ice Castles are mysteriously alluring.  Their tall walls of ice glimmer with magical promise, a sharp contrast to the slightly worn gas station across the street and the everyday goings-on of a small Minnesotan town.  Excited...

Snowmobiling the Top of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Snowmobile Colorado
My wife and I moved to Colorado in 2015, and we’ve been loving it ever since. We moved here for the mountains, and the outdoor activities.

Escondido Falls: Malibu’s Tiered Waterfall Hike

Escondido Falls Waterfall Hike
Located about 35 miles west of LA, Escondido Falls is the tallest Waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains. From smooth paths to rock climbing, the trail offers a little bit of everything for everyone.