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Emily Frank

Weekends on the Lake: Minnesota’s Art Shanty Projects

A 12-foot polar bear slowly lumbers across the frozen lake.  Two heavily bundled children shout gleefully as they bounce each other up and down on a Ouijatotter.  College students dance their cares (and thick winter shells) away in a small hut pounding with music.  All this and more is par for the course at Minnesota’s Art Shanty Projects, an annual experiment in public art and community.
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Fairytale Escape to the Minnesota Ice Castles

On a dark and cold winter night, the Ice Castles are mysteriously alluring.  Their tall walls of ice glimmer with ...
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How NOT to Hike Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

I love the outdoors but have a severe problem with overzealousness and lack of basic map skills.  My husband is ...
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