Emily Frank

Emily is a Minnesota native currently teaching English in China with her husband. They travel at every opportunity, with an emphasis on budget adventures and unmissable experiences. Find their most recent stories at Our Quarter Life Adventure. Emily is also freelance travel and outdoors writer and an art and history enthusiast. You can often find her in search of strong coffee, fancy cheese, or good books!

Drone Minnesota Art Shanty Projects | Rockchuck Summit

Weekends on the Lake: Minnesota’s Art Shanty Projects

A 12-foot polar bear slowly lumbers across the frozen lake.  Two heavily bundled children shout gleefully as they bounce each other up and down on a Ouijatotter.  College students dance their cares (and thick winter shells) away in a small hut pounding with music.  All this and more is par for the course at Minnesota’s Art Shanty Projects, an annual experiment in public art and community.

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