How to Plan an Extreme Adventure Fishing Trip

| Last Updated: July 22, 2020

Fishing is a great hobby as it is relaxing, exciting, and rewarding at the same time. Many people enjoy fishing as a hobby, and some even take it one step further for the full adrenaline rush and ultimate fishing holiday with an extreme adventure fishing trip. There is nothing better than setting off on a long journey into deep waters for a battle of a lifetime with bigger and stronger fishes, if you’re up for the challenge. Whether you’re fishing for Rainbow Trout in Jurassic Lake or Tigerfish in Africa, packing the right gear and ensuring you have all the essentials is crucial. Imagine being hours away offshore and suddenly realizing you forgot something important! You do not want to be in this situation especially if you’ve been planning the trip of a lifetime.

Therefore, here are some tips on how to plan the ultimate extreme adventure fishing trip to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

Planning an extreme adventure fishing trip

Planning for an extreme fishing trip is not just about having the right gear. There is a list of items that you should pack for a comfortable trip such as:

Comfortable clothing

For colder climates

Depending on the climate of your fishing destination, ensure you pack the right clothing. If you are going somewhere cold like Canada or Alaska, be sure to get high-quality outerwear and layer on as much clothing so that you stay warm on your trip.

For warmer climates

Alternatively, if you’re going somewhere with a more tropical climate, be sure to watch out for overexposure to harmful UV rays. Fishing in warmer climates means you will be under direct sun for hours on end. What this means is that a short and T-shirt just won’t cut it as it could lead to sunburns, and even dehydration or heat stroke. You won’t want any of these to happen as it will ruin the whole trip for you and others. Wearing something like a long-sleeved, lightweight shirt with plenty or ventilation can protect your skin while keeping you cool. Pair this with a pair of synthetic pants that can dry quickly and you’re good to go.

For your face

Besides your hands and legs, you should also ensure that your face is protected from the sun. After all, your face is most exposed to harmful UV rays. You can use a bandanna or a hat that you can easily carry along.

Waterproof everything

If possible, try to pack as many waterproof items as you can such as your carry-on bag, clothing, footwear, hats, etc. No matter the climate, waterproof items will give you peace of mind about getting soaked from rain or a rough boat ride. 

Equipment and Tackle

For your equipment, it is important to prioritize and go easy on yourself. You want to avoid bringing every single piece of tackle you own, and instead only bring the essentials needed for a successful fishing trip.

Make sure to pack your sunglasses, line and leader, tackle bag, wading boots, dry bags, and waders. All those things are essential for every fishing trip, no matter the climate.

Personal Items

Depending on where you plan on travelling, you might have to make some arrangements. It is always a good idea to bring your passport, even if you do not initially plan to pass a country line. If you want to venture further into entirely new countries and areas, make sure to inform yourself about whether you need a type of visa or permit to enter these areas.

Generally, always bring basic medicine like penicillin, ibuprofen, and disinfectants. Of course, you should have things like bandages and band-aids handy in case of minor cuts and bruises.

Many people see packing for a fishing trip as a chore, but it does not have to be. Knowing for a fact that you are well prepared and ready for the adventure ahead is a severely underrated factor when it comes to enjoying your fishing trip. You do not want to spend half of your trip worrying about your preparedness or find yourself in a situation where you wish you had invested just a little bit more time into packing. Not every fishing trip will lead you to a glorious catch, but every trip should be an enjoyable experience, nonetheless. Make sure it is by preparing properly

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