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Swinging into the unknown – pushing past your limits

Swinging into the unknown
Yes, I was doing something that I loved, which was somewhat wild just by travelling but just like the boy on the swing, not wanting to take it to its limits, I hadn’t fully embraced travelling. The opportunity had arisen to do something breath-taking that I knew would not come around again any time soon but I came up with a billion and one excuses not to.

How to Fuel for Hiking a 14’er – Hiking Nutrition for a successful summit

Simple guide for fueling up for a hike - the essential guide for hiking nutrition before you head up on those summit trails.

Hiking the Bomber Glacier, Alaska

bomber glacier alaska hike
The cockpit, indeed the entire front half of the plane was gone, ripped from the rest of the plane. What seemed to be the front half was separate, crushed on the ice quite far from the rear of the plane. The most recognizable pieces were the tail section, the four gigantic engines, the unused landing gear. One of the wings lay separate from the rest, ripped from its body. The bomber glacier hike has so much in store, read on to learn more!

Arroyo Pescadero Trail: A Peaceful Hiking Loop Within the Woods of Whittier

Sometimes you don't need to summit a mountain or hike among tourists in an overly populated trailhead to have a great hiking experience. Sometimes, it's better to seek out the undiscovered trails, the underdogs of the hiking world with their own hidden gems to...

The Magic of Meow Wolf – An Art Collective for the Soul

meow wolf santa fe new mexico
Magical. No other word can start to describe the experience that is Meow wolf, other than Magical. Escape the doldrums of the everyday ordinary and step into the realm of the extraordinary where all of your senses get bathed in light, color, sights, and...

Fairytale Escape to the Minnesota Ice Castles

Minnesota Ice Castles
On a dark and cold winter night, the Ice Castles are mysteriously alluring.  Their tall walls of ice glimmer with magical promise, a sharp contrast to the slightly worn gas station across the street and the everyday goings-on of a small Minnesotan town.  Excited...

Snowmobiling the Top of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Snowmobile Colorado
My wife and I moved to Colorado in 2015, and we’ve been loving it ever since. We moved here for the mountains, and the outdoor activities.

Eaton Canyon: Pasadena’s Infamous Waterfall Hike

eaton canyon
I've been pretty into waterfall hikes lately, especially since its been warming up in LA (I'm so sick of that 65° weather, way too cold). I decided to cross off yet another waterfall hike off my "hiking bucket list," so here we are again folks....

Sunken City: The Lost Ruins of the San Pedro Landslide

san pedro sunken city
Join us on an epic adventure as we explore the graffiti plastered ruins of the 1929 San Pedro landslide known as the "Sunken City".

Big Bend The Place Of Unforgettable Memories

North Rim Big Bend National Park
This New Year's instead of staying in the bustle of Austin, waiting for the fireworks and drinking to my heart's content, I thought I would do something different. I would backpack into Big Bend National Park and enjoy my New Year's hiking up ridges...