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Follow that trail, climb a tree, pitch a tent, camp under the stars. Experience freedom, nature, mountains, beaches. Experience the world outdoors. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

Road Trip Planning – The simple art of planning the perfect road trip

Road Trip Planning Tips
Applying a little management theory to ensure the success and desired outcomes of your perfect road trip. Simple and concise tools to help you with road trip planning.

7 Survival Tips For Beginner Hikers And Campers

Pushing one’s limits can be exciting and adventurous; however, it can be dangerous as well. Most people get the thrill only when they are out of their comfort zone, but that should not be an excuse for you to jump off the cliff. Table of...

Eaton Canyon: Pasadena’s Infamous Waterfall Hike

eaton canyon
I've been pretty into waterfall hikes lately, especially since its been warming up in LA (I'm so sick of that 65° weather, way too cold). I decided to cross off yet another waterfall hike off my "hiking bucket list," so here we are again...

Hiking the South Fork Eagle River and Cantata Peak in the Chugach Mountains

The colors were amazing, brilliant oranges and yellows, worthy of a painting but instead only captured by cameras. It was with that brilliant light that I fell in love with the wilderness. This was my first time truly outside. Not just in the woods, or a few miles from a road. I’d been backpacking in West Virginia and North Carolina before this, but never had I stepped foot in true wilderness.

How to Prepare a Great Camp Meal Plan

Camp Meal Planning
When going on a camping trip, there are a million different things to consider with food being one of the most important. While it is unlikely that you would forget to pack food altogether, you still may be selling your trip short by not...

Hiking the Exit Glacier and the Harding Ice Field

exit glacier alaska
When we saw a few small shelters and signs, we knew we had reached the end of the trail. This was the observation point for the Ice Field. The view from this area was… other-worldly. The way the pure ice and snow stretched out before us. Three hundred square miles of ice. That’s about a quarter of the size of Rhode Island, and we stood there in awe of this. Formations like this once covered much of North America.

Texas Backpacking – Goodwater Trail Loop in Georgetown TX

goodwater loop texas
A complete, 3-day itinerary for backpacking Goodwater Trail Loop near Austin, TX

5 Simple tips to help you master trail running

Trail running tips
If you’re the type of person who loves exploring off the beaten path and seeing how much of the world you can enjoy and experience with your own two feet, you’re probably also the type of person who’d really love trail running. Trail Running Tips Many...

Sailing From Los Angeles To Catalina Island

Avalon harbor Catalina Island
Across the sea from Los Angeles – 26 miles, according to the song – sits beautiful Catalina Island, an escape-from-the-city oasis that’s really about a thousand mental miles from busy L.A. Join us on our adventure as we go sailing to Catalina Island.

How to Fuel for Hiking a 14’er – Hiking Nutrition

nutrition for hiking a 14er
Simple guide for fueling up for a hike - the essential guide for hiking nutrition before you head up on those summit trails.