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Jeep Wrangler Running Boards – Tyger Auto Star Armor Review & Install Guide

Affordable Jeep Wrangler side steps that offer sturdy protection for the trails and give a great upgrade to the appearance of your Jeep. These affordable running boards offer a great value upgrade, are simple to install and so far have held under heavy on and off road use. Adding these Jeep Wrangler steps to your vehicle is quick and easy, giving you some great functional steps that aren't slippery, don't get in the way and help protect your lower body panels and doors from the abuse of trails.

10 Essential Safety items for off road driving – Off road safety kit

off road safety essentials
Building up your off road safety kit with these 10 essential items will make surviving the inevitable break down or roadside repair much more bearable.

Maxliner Smartliner Floor Mats – Jeep Wrangler Guide & Review

Affordable all-weather floor mats and Cargo liner for your Jeep Wrangler vehicle. "These 3D molded" mats and rear cargo liner offer superb protection, fitment, and amazing looks.

Gaia GPS – Mobile Phone Mapping & GPS Route Planning

gaia gps
Over the years I have collected a pile of GPS devices - from TomTom's that once ruled the vehicle GPS market to an army of apps and add-ons like Google Maps, Apple Maps and other tools for my mobile phone. Today, I'm happy to...

Hidden Falls Adventure Park – Off Road Adventures

Hidden Falls Adventure Park Jeep
September 23rd, 2017 marks the day of our maiden off-road voyage with our new Jeep JK with a trip to our local off-road stomping ground Hidden Falls Adventure Park. Hidden Falls Adventure Park is a 4x4/off-road park for vehicles of all types, makes and...

Rugged Ridge Dash Multi-Mount Review & Install Guide

The Rugged Ridge Dash Mount is a simple to install dashboard multi-mount system with universal ball mount for phones, small tablets, and other 17mm compatible ball mount devices as well as a tripod stud mount for forward facing devices such as a GoPros or digital cameras.

Choosing Your First Pair Of Climbing Shoes – Tips & Advice

rock climbing shoes
Tired of stinky abused ratty old rental shoes from your local climbing gym?  It's time you invest in rock climbing shoes and enjoy the perks of quality gear to help you make the best of your climbing time. With so many options, styles and...

Teraflex 1.25 inch Body Lift 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Jeep Wrangler Body Lift Kit
Looking for a simple Jeep body lift kit to help clear larger tires or handle more considerable articulation with your sway bar disconnected? The Teraflex 1.25 inch body lift kit is a simple kit to give you more room without modifying your drivetrain or...

Time lapse Video Stabilization with Microsoft Hyperlapse

Microsoft hyperlapse
One of my favorite tools for producing time-lapse videos is the fantastic Microsoft Hyperlapse tool. It takes my otherwise bouncy/shaking shoulder & dash cam videos and turns them into amazingly smooth videos of my experiences over the mountains, through the woods and across the...

Trekking Poles, Don’t hit the trails without them! (Seriously!)

trekking poles
Whether you're looking for more stability or want to relieve soreness in knees or merely burn more calories on your hike, trekking poles provide all these wonderful benefits at a very reasonable cost. Trekking Poles In simple terms, they're a stick people have used and developed...